Why Did Tom Strignano Create His Own Forex Trading Systems?

For some time now I’ve been a student of professional Forex trader, Tom Strignano, and I think it is very important for others to know where his trading systems came from.   If you have seen any of Tom’s trading information before, you already know it is quite different than most of the information out there on Forex trading. The way Tom trades, and teaches other people to trade, is based off his personal experience as a bank trader.

Tom Strignano teaches Forex trading systems that have been 25 years in the making.  On a recent webinar, Tom said something that really got me thinking of what a great opportunity learning from someone with his experience really is.  His experience gives the traders he teaches a real ADVANTAGE over other traders.

On the webinar, Tom was talking about his days as a bank trader.   Where he worked, he was not allowed to use customer orders to make his money. His trading decisions had to be independent and based off price action.

Why is this important?

Tom was forced to come up with his own Forex trading systems to meet his trading quota.  He could not rely on the inside information he had as a bank trader, but the systems were created from the PERSPECTIVE of a bank trader.  These systems had to work entirely on their own.

Why are Tom’s trading systems important to you?

The Forex trading systems Tom Strignano came up with as a bank trader can be used by at home Forex traders. As a matter of fact, these are the same trading systems Tom uses himself today as a retired bank trader.   Now, I’m not going to lie to you, Tom doesn’t reveal ALL of his trading methods.  But what he does provide is an opportunity to start using trading systems developed to work on the professional level when profit and loss are of a magnitude you or I could probably not comprehend.

Many at home Forex traders are in such a hurry to start trading Forex, they forget to pay attention to where the information they are learning comes from.  Free websites, low cost books and products put together by marketers (not traders), “might” be able to teach you how to trade currency.  But more often than not, this type of information falls short of the mark and doesn’t lead to consistent and profitable trading.

So, keep in mind, Forex trading has been around long before it was made available to at home traders due to the Internet.   And real traders, like Tom Strignano, have been around for a long time trading real money and making real profits.  Therefore, it only makes sense to learn from someone with a proven track record.

Tom Strignano is one of those rare finds.  While there are other bank traders out there, few were forced to create their own trading systems.  There are even fewer who are willing to teach you those methods if they did.  This is what makes learning Forex from Tom Strignano one of those unique opportunities that should not be ignored.

To learn more about How Tom Strignano can help you become a successful Forex trader, please visit: The Forex Signals

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