Tips for Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing

Today’s weak economy and lack of easy credit has forced loan officers in the banking industry to toughen their qualifications for borrowers. For most people with a credit score anywhere below perfect, the are not able to obtain a loan. But some special cases negate this rule. One of the largest exceptions is bad credit mortgage refinancing.
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Simply put, often banks foreclosed on homes and later found out that the only way to get rid of the loan was to sell them for much less than their outstanding loan balance. In order to prevent this loss, many banks will gladly work with a homeowner who truly wants to avoid not repaying their mortgage loan.F

A homeowner who would not be offered a traditional loan because of past credit card debt or late payment problems may be able to refinance their mortgage to either get a lower interest rate, cheaper payment, or shorter loan term; if they have a standing relationship with the bank, that may outweigh their inadequate credit rating.

One thing that will help clear the way for a loan application to be approved for someone with bad credit is voluntary enrollment into credit counseling. A prospective borrower will gain favor by discovering ways to reduce their debt without resorting to bankruptcy.

Another thing that lenders will want to know is what is going to be done with any cash that is generated by refinancing. Most times, if the money is going to be used to increase the value of the home through home improvements, or to pay of high interest lines of credit and make it easier for the applicant to pay back the money, a bank is more than happy to accept the loan application. The way they look at it is that you are doing your best to get out of you debt situation, even if it means taking on more debt at only at better terms.

Today may be the most advantageous time to apply for a bad credit mortgage. Solely because banks are worried about the debts that are being defaulted on and can not be collected. Often they will seek a drastic solution to get a loan repaid, even if that requires refinancing that will extend the collection time. They also collect more interest on the money, so it is really a win/win situation for them.

The things the bank is going to be the most concerned about when accepting applications for a bad credit mortgage refinance is what the money is going to be used for and if refinancing will make it easier for the person to pay back the loan.

Refinancing is usually done to benefit from a lower interest rate, get a lower payment and longer loan term, or have money to improve the home or pay off other outstanding debts that are making it difficult for the homeowner to pay their mortgage. You have a good chance of getting refinancing, in spite of a low credit score, if you can give a sufficient answer for these questions.

David writes articles about how people with both good and bad credit can get a mortgage. His articles cover bad credit mortgage refinancing and regular mortgage refinancing.

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