The Forex Signals Competition: Strignano’s Forex Signals VS Ribakov’s Forex Signals

The Forex Signals, created by Tom Strignano and Vladimir Ribakov, is an exciting Forex signals, trading tool and mentoring service unique in the world of Forex.   What makes it so exciting is you get two great traders giveing you signals, tools and mentoring while competing to help the most people become successful traders.   Nothing like a friendly competition to bring out the best of each trader.

In essence, you get DOUBLE of everything.  You get TWICE the trading signals, TWICE the tools and TWICE the mentoring.  And since each trader has their own way to trade and look at the market, you are twice as likely to find something that helps you become a more profitable and consistent trader.  Let’s take a look at some of the differences between Tom Strignano’s Forex signals and Vladimir Ribakov’s Forex signals.

What Tom Strignano’s Forex Signals Are Like

I was in Tom’s first signals service so I have in depth knowledge of how his Forex signals are traded.   You are given direction, entry, stop loss, market exhaustion and different “target” levels. Once the trade is placed, these target areas are used to gauge momentum and make decisions like closing the trade, taking partial profits or letting the trade run.

Getting a signal from Tom is already a strong reason to trade a currency in a certain direction.   But you use the market exhaustion and target levels to CONFIRM price will continue to move in this direction and therefore look at these levels to make important decisions. You know you are in a strong trade when price moves past these levels with ease.  You also know you might want to scale out, move your stop loss or close the trade if price gets stuck at any of these levels.

Characteristics Of Vladimir Ribakov Forex Signals

I am very impressed with Vladimir, even though I have less experience with his trading methods. With Vladimir’s signals you not only get the entry, stop loss and 2 target levels, but he provides a CHART so you can see exactly why this signal was called. The addition of the chart is excellent because you can not only visualize the trade signals, but gain knowledge in the method that produced the signal as well.

Vladimir likes to take 80% profit at target 1 and let the last 20% run for as long as possible.  This allows him to have a high win rate, but still take advantage of trends. One of the things that is interesting is Vladimir also gives a time period where the signal is invalid if it has not hit target 1.  (This keeps you from getting in too late or staying in the trade too long). If something changes about the trade signal once it is given, Vladimir uses email or SMS to make sure you know about it and what he suggests you should do, like close the trade.

Get Two Great Traders In Your Corner With The Forex Signals

Getting access to both Tom Strignano’s and Vladimir Ribakov’s Forex signals not only gives you plenty of excellent trading opportunities, but you really learn how to trade Forex like the pros.  You not only get buy and sell signals, but you learn the WHY behind signals themselves.  Understanding the signals you are trading is a great advantage to your success, and a characteristic you don’t see in many Forex signals services.

If you haven’t explored The Forex Signals, it is a good idea to give this service a look.  And if you really want to get the most out of this service, as fast as possible, I suggest you check out my Forex Signals Bonus.

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