Nasdaq Dubai with little turnover

by News on 2010/06/07

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Nasdaq Dubai with little turnover | Finance and Economy |

Shares of Dubai Ports DP World plummeted 2.27 and closed at 0.43. Some 4.8m stocks changed hands. No other shares were traded sufficiently to post a price change. Nasdaq Dubai currently merges…

Wang's Happy Trading » Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq …

For the week the Dow was down 204.66 points SPX lost 24.53 points Nasdaq fell 37.87 points. Oil also slid. Gold saw a strong bounce on Friday and ended the week higher. At the time of this writing Asian markets were mostly lower. …

Nasdaq Proposes Circuit Breakers Supplementing SEC’s (Update1)

Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. proposed an expansion on its markets of measures to halt stocks during periods of volatility, adding circuit breakers to all the companies it lists and a tiered system that pauses trading based on different percentage moves.

Nasdaq to propose modifying ‘stub’ quotes rules

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) — Nasdaq OMX Group said late Friday that it plans to propose detailed rules to modify existing rules surrounding “stub” quotes within the Nasdaq Stock Market’s market-maker and select market-maker programs. Stub quotes are bids from market-makers that are intended to act as place holders until normal bids appear. Such bids can be as low as a penny. The modification is …

NASDAQ OMX Announces NASDAQ Volatility Guard(SM) to Protect Investors and Listed Companies

NEW YORK — The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC today announced a proposal to protect investors and listed companies while increasing transparency in the U.S. equity markets during times of volatile market conditions.

Nasdaq Proposes Tiered Circuit Breakers to Supplement SEC Rules

June 2 (Bloomberg) — Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. announced a proposal to temporarily halt trading for any stock it lists in the U.S. when its price moves a specified amount, supplementing a Securities and Exchange Commission plan to pause transactions during periods of volatility.

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