Mutual life insurance

by News on 2010/06/09

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Hot Air » ObamaCare could wipe out health insurance for 1 million …

Under the provision insurance companies will no longer be able to apply broad annual caps on the amount of money they pay out on health policies. Employer groups say the ban could essentially wipe out a niche insurance market that many …

Mutual life insurance

A mutual life insurance company is one that pays its policy holders dividends. Its owned by policy holders rather than by stock holders.

Health insurance options for unemployed beyond COBRA

The easiest way to get health insurance is to find a job with group coverage, but in this economy, that’s a tall order. How to stay covered:

Health Insurance Scams: How to Protect Yourself

Con artists are tricking you out of your hard-earned money, with a crop of fake health insurance plans. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Hawaii Insurance Commissioner Schmidt Resigns

J.P. Schmidt, Insurance Commissioner of the State of Hawaii, announced he be leaving his position to join the Honolulu law firm of Bays Deaver Lung Rose Holma, effective July 1. Schmidt will be …

Insurance Agency Pulls Maywood’s Coverage

Maywood, Calif.’s insurance agency has terminated the city’s policy, citing two recent officer-involved shootings and its failure to hire a new city manager. The California Joint Powers Insurance …

Ask the Experts: Is this insurance deal really an investment?

Questioning insurance contracts. Opening an empty safe deposit box. Reimbursing Medi-Cal.

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