Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Isn&#39t So Bad, Actually

by News on 2010/06/07

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Microsoft (MSFT) Stock Isn't So Bad, Actually

Since Apple Inc. AAPL now has a larger market cap than Microsoft Corporation MSFT some in the financial press have acted like MS has become totally irrelevant. Not so at all in my opinion. Remember when Microsoft Hotmail was …

Gauging Corporate Financial Results: MSFT: Look Ahead to June 2010 …

This post describes our model of Microsofts NASDAQ MSFT Income Statement for fiscal 2010s fourth quarter which will end on 30 June. The purpose of the model is to establish a baseline for identifying surprises …

Yahoo: Msft search transition “so far, so good”

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit or the quote page for more information about this breaking news.

There’s a New Sheriff in the Tech Sector, and It’s Not Microsoft

This article highlights the reasons why Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) has lagged behind in the tech toy arms race, which has mainly been due to the software titan’s failure to keep up with the consumer market – a market which Apple, Inc…( Read More )

Steve Jobs Talks MSFT, Google, and Foxconn

Steve Jobs was at the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D conference yesterday and the soundbites are almost as good as the ones from Carol Bartz’s interview last week. Google – Carol Bartz – Wall Street Journal – All Things D – Steve Jobs

D8: Steve Jobs says surreal to surpass MSFT, tells of iPad genesis

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. — Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs may look frail nowadays but he showed plenty of fight – and humor – in a wide-ranging discussion Tuesday night at the All Things Digital conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal.

Robbie Bach, Head of Entertainment, Leaves MSFT

Head of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, Robbie Bach, has retired from his position. The news comes at the same time as news that J Allard, a colleague of Bach’s in the Entertainment Division, is also leaving Redmond. Microsoft – Robbie Bach – J Allard – Xbox – Steve Ballmer

Latest discussions for MSFT

  • fullbright: Apple evangelists have no excuse for their smugness any longer now that AAPL > MSFT
  • microsoft_watch: kotaku: Playing Project Natal Sure Embarrassing [Microsoft] $MSFT –
  • kory_witha_k: Kind of odd that I’ve been developing in msft for 10 yrs and the first conference I ever attend is #wwdc #irony #isawwdc #changeisgood
  • thefirstreportr: DJIA Stocks Plunged 323 Pts, Lowest Close since Feb. 8 (BAC, MSFT, AT&T Inc., Wal-Mart Stores…
  • Matthew_Riley: Upgrade to Win 7 and Office 2010 complete. LT 45 min for Win & LT 10 min for Office. Looks like MSFT has spent time improving the install.
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