Hawaii State Tax Forms

by ofnews on 2010/11/18

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Filing income tax reports is certainly not a fun job for anyone, but it is a necessity unless you want to face penalties and legal repercussions. If you happen to live in Hawaii, then you will need Hawaii State Tax Forms in order to complete your state income taxes.

 Not all states require residents to prepare state income tax forms, but Hawaii is one of the 41 states that do require this. The state income tax system in Hawaii is considered to be progressive. This means that as the amount of taxable income increases, the tax rate also increases. There are six brackets in the Hawaii state income. The majority of the taxpayers in the state pay about 6% tax on the income they earn in a year.

 The state department of revenue collects Hawaii state income tax. This serves as the primary source of revenue for the state government. A number of different programs are funded through Hawaii state income tax revenue, including programs for health services, highways, corrections, public services and education.

 Ensuring that you have the correct Hawaii state tax forms is essential. There are many places where you can locate Hawaii state tax forms. One of the easiest places to obtain Hawaii state tax forms would be online. This method allows you to print the Hawaii state tax forms that you need quickly and easily. Also, if you make a mistake, you can also print more forms and redo them just as quickly and easily.

 You can also usually obtain Hawaii state tax forms from your local library or post office as well. Most such offices obtain Hawaii state tax forms and have them available for pick-up for their customers. If you choose to prepare your federal as well as your state income taxes using a software program then it is also usually quite easy to obtain the correct Hawaii state tax forms that you need as well.

 The deadline for filing Hawaii state tax forms is the same for filing federal income tax forms, which is April 15th. This is also the deadline for paying any taxes that are owed. If necessary, extensions may be requested through the state’s department of revenue, but penalties and interest may still apply on owed taxes. Refunds for Hawaii state taxes are usually processed within a few weeks.


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