Enhance your buying power with great Credit Card options

Credit card offers are available everywhere you look with people taking advantage of some outstanding deals. How do you choose the best credit card for your financial situation? There are several aspects to consider such as annual fees, interest rates, rewards and convenience. Always read the small print of any offer to be aware of terms and exceptions.

Most people look at the interest rate as the most important factor in deciding whether a credit card is acceptable. The APR or Annual Percentage Rate is divided by 12 to determine the real amount being paid monthly on purchases. Always take notice of the introductory rate and read carefully to see what restrictions and terms may apply. Some credit cards require a specific purchase amount in order to qualify for decreased rates.

Annual fees had almost ceased to exist on credit cards in previous years. Companies are now charging them due to new regulations set forth by the government. Some credit cards offer to waive fees if a specific number of purchases are made throughout the year. If a card you are looking at has everything needed for your finances excluding a free annual charge, contact them to see if they will waive it for the first year. To avoid the hassles, search for a credit card that does not involve an annual fee.

Credit card rewards used to be of utmost importance especially to businesses. Expenses incurred on a monthly basis would earn free hotel stays and airline flights. Due to the falling economy, this is no longer the trend. Most card rewards have lost their value and now take a lot more purchasing to get one simple free item. Always read to check for transferable unused rewards, expiration dates and minimum requirements.

There are many reasons to obtain a credit card and choosing the right one is your choice. Read all the terms on the application and feel free to ask questions. Check for conveniences such as 24/7 customer care service, free account alerts and local ATMs. It is important for individuals to have an array of payment options that include email, phone, online or postal service. If an existing credit card you own does not provide these conveniences, it may be time to find a new one.

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