Solar eagle released

The Day of Birds, which passed on April 1, almost became the last for the solar eagle. A rare bird with a gunshot wound was found on the border of the Ulyanovsk region with Tatarstan lying on the side of the road. The eagle was lucky to be saved - he was taken to the Simbirsk Center for the Rescue of Wild Birds, which is at the station of young naturalists.

As a result of X-ray examination, it turned out that an eagle was shot with a shot, the Red Book bird got a fracture of the right wing. One pellet from the wing was recovered on the day the birds arrived at the station, the second - later, when the second operation was carried out at the Dyrchenkov Melekess Veterinary Medicine Center. After that, the injured feathery was cared for and prepared to regain its freedom at the Wild Birds Rescue Center.

Orla was set free in the Sengiley District. Reportedly, the bird did not begin to think and flew at the first attempt. Then, after sitting on the birch trees, orienting in space, the eagle soared again into the sky, where he managed to catch the air flow.

We hope that sooner or later, the poacher who shot the eagle will have to extract the fraction from the buttocks.

Recall that the solar eagle is listed in the Red Book as a rare species, the number of which continues to decline.

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