Resource is an the most the usual blog. Difference only in that author resource describes in him не personal experiences, tormented him in flow regarding short и enough confused of life, but periphetics, related с life of transport of our cities. Нуand country. AND automotive industry в whole, what уж there to be shy.

AT connections со to all by this I want to to tell, what opinion usersto to which So carefully «are listening» на informational portals, here few whom worried.

Communicate на health, speak out their ideas, blame the author в boyofilfstfe и other mortals sins ... Limit people в communicating в blogosphere не accepted - speak everything, that want to (нуand advertising links you can leave at to myself, everything equally will delete).

Will be sincerely are happy to allwho wish join к discussion situations. Good to welcome!:)

By the way, не forget and pro a reference на Ulyanovsk chat is there until no one not, но until вы не will come, no one и не will be... Logically же? therefore не hesitate, click on по reference. Places to all enough.

А picture к to this fasting was withdrawn из articles об Ulyanovsk на the site Author Images - one Razumhak


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