You can not attack a taxi driver

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Ulyanovsk region claims to have detained a suspect in an attack on a taxi driver. Recall that recently the Ulyanovsk media have been actively discussing the frequent attacks on taxi drivers. So, on May 6, a young man turned to the police, who wished to declare that he had been robbed. As it turned out, the 24-year-old man works in a taxi. He received a call from the street Stasova (Zasviyazhsky district). Arriving for customers, the driver saw two men, whom he had to take to the Echo cafe (Zheleznodorozhny district). On the way, the passengers, apparently, remembered about the years spent aimlessly, as a result of which their communication became generously cursed with obscene language. The taxi driver did not want to drive the lovers of the Russian mat further - he stopped the car and asked the customers to get out. But the customer is always right! This was proved to him by one of the passengers - he grabbed the driver by his clothes, pulled out a sum of 1,200 rubles and ordered to take the gentlemen to the place of the meal. Realizing that only one way out, the young man obeyed. But he remained alive and well. Soon the police, thanks to well-coordinated and, undoubtedly, prompt actions, managed to detain the suspect in the robbery - he was a resident of the Zavolzhsky district who was convicted several times in his 23 years. If a criminal case under article 161 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (robbery) is initiated, the bojan will have to think over his behavior in places not so remote - the article provides for punishment with a maximum term of up to 7 years.

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