Cigna Health Insurance Industry Whistle Blower Perseveres

by News on 2010/06/08

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Should Americans be forced to buy health insurance? |

Health insurance will soon be mandatory for most Americans. Is the individual mandate legal

Cigna Health Insurance Industry Whistle Blower Perseveres | New …

Americans exist in a Zombie state because they think our employer based healthcare system is acceptable or inevitable. Just because it.

Juicing Your Life Insurance

This year’s hottest life-insurance product is well-suited to an era of sudden “flash crashes”: It appeals to those eager to capture stock-market gains while avoiding undue risk. But does it promise too much?

Fleet Insurance Broker Joins Forces With Driver Safety Organisation

Flint Insurance, a leading UK fleet insurance specialist has teamed up with Drive Alive, an Occupational Road Risk Organisation. The decision to work together after noticing a gap in the market for risk assessments which they hope will help to improve motor fleet insurance services whilst making the roads safer. read more

Access Insurance Wins IASA 2010 Technology Innovation Award

The Atlanta-based P&C insurer received the award for its Instant Access application, which executes all business rules and processes needed to provide a quote, and bind and issue a policy. Honorable mention was given for projects by Great American Insurance and West Bend Mutual.

Insurance Relief for Early Retirees

Early retirement, a dream of many, can turn into a nightmare for those unable to secure health insurance. Now, two new federal programs may provide some relief.

Insurance agency pulls Maywood’s coverage

With no permanent city manager and a historically troubled police department, the city is too high-risk, insurer says. The department is being investigated in two officer-involved shootings this year. Citing the city’s failure to hire a new city manager as well as recent officer-involved shootings, Maywood’s insurance agency has terminated coverage because it views the municipality as too high a …

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