2010, 2011 Filing Taxes Online, Cost Free, Stress Free

For many Americans, tax season will tax the nerves, take a lot of time and maybe cost a bundle, too.

Happily, there are ways to make doing taxes a lot faster, stress free and, possibly, cost free.

This is all possible because a tax industry maverick has broken down the barrier to free tax preparation. Customers can now e-file their returns without charge through Turbo Tax 2010, 2011 as well as prepare and print them for free.

A number of good reasons exist for filing your taxes online, including these:

1. It’s faster. The software is designed in an easy-to-understand Q&A format. It asks intelligent questions in plain English and sorts out the tax code so that you don’t have to.

2. It’s easier than preparing your taxes by hand. There’s no more erasing or whiting out. Turbo Tax asks smart questions based on previous answers. Users can also start their return and then save it to pick up again days or weeks later. How convenient.

3. You’ll make fewer mistakes. Many programs flag mistakes and incomplete information (including TurboTax).

4. It’s less costly. Filing returns online is less expensive than using an accountant. The software can be affordable and even free in the case of TurboTax Standard. Some taxpayers can file online for free at the IRS Web site, but ALL taxpayers can electronically file online for free at Turbo Tax.

5. Faster refunds. The average return time for e-filers is less than two weeks, whereas it can be months if you mail returns in.

Filing online this way not only eliminates costs associated with completing and filing your returns. The software also contains all of the forms, schedules and worksheets you’ll need to prepare your federal tax return quickly and easily.

This year’s edition of TurboTax Standard Federal features a simple seven-step process with reliable reference tools and automatic flags for inaccurate information to make the process convenient, speedy and reliable. TurboTax also automatically collects information for state returns, which makes preparing a state return just as fast and easy.

For those requiring extra advice or who have complex tax situations, a Turbo Tax Deluxe edition includes additional forms and gives more support.



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